custom/modules/InboundEmail/ FOLDER MISSING

I’m using a clean install of 7.5.1 on CentOS 6 w/ apache and MySQL. This is on my own dedicated server. I’ve added an Inbound Email and the cron for Checking Inbound Email fails with this error:

SET assigned_user_id=‘1’,name=‘Check Inbound Mailboxes’,date_modified=‘2016-02-09 14:18:01’,scheduler_id=‘942cd699-69a5-8883-3cf4-56b9f2e37292’,execute_time=‘2016-02-09 14:18:00’,status=‘done’,resolution=‘failure’,message=‘Warning [2]: require_once(custom/modules/InboundEmail/AOPInboundEmail.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/admin/web/webite_name/public_html/modules/Schedulers/_AddJobsHere.php on line 535\nUnexpected failure, please check PHP logs and suitecrm.log\n’,target=‘function::pollMonitoredInboxesAOP’,data=NULL,requeue=0,retry_count=NULL,failure_count=1,job_delay=0,client=‘CRONfa9be4e12a24d4e6179320a29b979e34:13483’,percent_complete=NULL

I can verify that the folder InBoundEmail is missing within custom/modules/. Can any help me understand why it’s missing with a clean install? I didn’t have any errors and have correctly set the permissions before install.

I have no upgrade still to bigger than 7.4.3 but i understand why this error occur.
Since some minor version, SuiteCRM merge module and other “modification” to core of suitecrm.

The file are now in modules/… folder.
Search in file for : “custom/modules/InboundEmail/AOPInboundEmail.php” and change it in “modules/InboundEmail/AOPInboundEmail.php”

This is a bug to send to github


Which file contains the string “custom/modules/InboundEmail/AOPInboundEmail.php”?

in my old instance :
i use sublimetext for search in file :

Searching 8098 files for “custom/modules/InboundEmail/AOPInboundEmail.php”
27 function pollMonitoredInboxesAOP() {
28: require_once ‘custom/modules/InboundEmail/AOPInboundEmail.php’;
29 $_bck_up = array(‘team_id’ => $GLOBALS[‘current_user’]->team_id, ‘team_set_id’ => $GLOBALS[‘current_user’]->team_set_id);
30 $GLOBALS[‘log’]->info(’----->Scheduler fired job of type pollMonitoredInboxesAOP()’);

Maybe in 7.5.1. there are other file.


You’re right, in the latest 7.5.1, Schedulers doesn’t exist in /custom/Extensions/modules/

Ok GOT IT! And working now.