Custom Modules Disappearing & Renaming themselves.

Hello all. I’ve been up on Suite since day 1, and I like to think I’m pretty experienced with it.

However, I have a bit of an issue I cannot seem to solve on my own.

I have a new installation of Suite which I immediately saw the need for some custom modules. I put them together, and deployed them after testing locally.

Everything went great.

First Custom Module
A Basic module I use to keep track of API keys for some data that our site grabs regularly. These tables get queried a lot via MYSQL statements, but nothing is written to the data.

Second Custom Module
Another module basically holds credentials for databases, logins, etc. Many to may relationship with leads and accounts. Simple Stuff.

Third Custom Module
This module stores data parsed from an external API when someone runs a search on our site. The Results are then loaded into this module via REST API.

Everything worked great initially. However, after a couple of days these modules disappear from the menus. Then, when I do find them or get them to reappears they’re listed only as their database table name. For instance the module that saves the search results is called “Search Cache”. Now, in the menu it’s listed as scac_search_cache, which is the table name in the database.

The other two modules do the same, and all three modules go bad at the same time.

This is a second installation after I reinstalled and rebuilt the modules the first time.

Permission are fine. Database is running 5.6 MYSQL and php7. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary here that I can think of.

Repair & rebuild does nothing of note.

There are no overrides being used at the moment, other than some small changes to the language files, but that’s it.

Let me also mention that -as far as I can tell - these modules are functioning properly. If I go to the urls directly I can see them, and they work just fine. Workflow rules run on them properly. The issue is they’ve been renamed and are not available to add to the menu system.

Guys, I hardly ever give back to the community, and I’m a lurker from way back. I’m ashamed of myself, but I throw myself on the floor in front of you all. Please help. Any input would be very appreciated!

Hi Jack Lurker, welcome to the Community - no need to throw yourself on the floor :slight_smile:

That is strange indeed.

  1. Do you have anything at the bottom of the screen after a Quick Repair? A button to fix vardefs? If so, press it.

  2. Do you see anything suspicious in the logs? Please check both of them.

  3. Did you do your changes through Studio, or did you edit any files directly?

You know, immediately after I posted this a few days ago I was able to sort it out. Within a few minutes actually.

I tried to get back here with an update, but my post ghosted. At a meeting and the other party is late, so here’s my opportunity.

Anyhow, it did revolve entirely around the language file customizations.

I the en_us.lang.php I believe it’s called, cleared the cache, logged out and in again and all was well.

I encountered the same issue again after trying it with the file for a second round. I even changed one tiny little thing at a time and sure enough, every time I made a change to one of the field that needed customization, the error reappeared.

It must be the encoding or something that I’m missing because everything looked fine.

I did not debug it for much longer. Just went about being a hero for a hit and dropped the issue.

Nonetheless, I’ll be forced to try again this week. When I do I’ll update.

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