Custom module to display specially built html page


I am trying to integrate SuiteCRM with other enterprise database, kind of old and with lack of interaction
The idea is to provide to SuiteCRM users information retrieved from that old database, in readable format, as html page.

My intention was to:

  • build a custom module
  • add it as a menu item
  • when user clicks, a custom module code interacts with old database, build HTML-page (which is not build eactlty on SuiteCRM rules), and displays it

This sounds pretty ugly, but I do not figure out other easy ways to just get simple table of data from old database, display it in easy and readble way and let users analyse it.

Frankly, I wished to avoid building listviews and stuff, but just have a special integration-module.

My question: is it possible? Which direction should I try to get this?
I assume that custom module may be not an only way, or not the best way.

Which approach could give me my result?

Thanks in advance for your hints!

If its related to any existing module say you want to show Accounts from old DB too so what you can do it create a custom Action in Accounts Module. Custom action can be handled in different ways. Say you name your action as OldData. So what you can do is create a file in custom/modules/Accounts/OldData.php
Now you can also add Menu Item in account Menu to access this action. your URL should be index.php?module=Accounts&action=OldData
This will give you full control in your custom file OldData.php. You can output any HTML or View you want to show.

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Great, thanks a lot!

Also, found another way - to extend the class and make an extention of AccountsViewList and function display();
although this approach with β€œaction” seems more accurate