Custom module report download PDF image is not displyed

I using fresh install SUITCRM using softaculous from CPANEL from my hosting website with detail
Version 7.11.15 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344).

I created a custom module on my CRM and custom image field. when i create a report with that field, the image can be displayed correctly. but when I download a PDF from the report menu, the image is not showing.

can somebody help me with my error?

I tried searching from the forum. turn out there is a solution from 2016 that when i check the solution file, the code with the current version is already different. so I not understand where to update my code.


You have created a Custom Field Type Image for your CRM to handle image view. In that case you need to handle that custom field in PDF generation. Look at the code around here which would need to include your custom field type for addition to PDF as you want.

hi @cherub-chum, can you explain more about this? since i new to suite crm world.