Custom Module Relationship to Account (records not appearing in Subpanel).

HI All,
I have created a new custom module called Employment. It is linked to Accounts with a Many-to-Many relationship. Basically this module holds employment data related to the account. In our case, we are an employment services company and so each of the accounts are actually employers and the records held under the employment module are placements with each of the employers. There is a field under the employment module called account and this is a ‘related’ field type (to account).

My issue is this - When I load employment records into the module, this works fine. You can view all the records in the employment module. All the fields seem to be available including the relevant account. However, when looking under the accounts module in the subpanel, even though there is an “employment” subpanel, the records linked to each account are not showing here.

The funny thing is that if you click on the ‘Create’ button in the employment subpanel in the accounts module and select an employment record manually, then it saves this record as I would expect. You can then see the relevant record underneath. An obvious workaround would be to manually select and save them all under each account, however there are 10,000+ records, so that wouldn’t be fun!

So, could anyone please advise how best to load these records so that the relationship is created automatically and appears in the employment subpanel of the accounts module.

Many thanks

Seeing as I am not getting any replies here, I will add some further detail in case that helps.
I have included screenshots of the fields and the relationships in my new module. As above, the problem can be summarized as follows, what setup is required to get an imported file to appear in the subpanel of accounts?

Troubleshoot_1: The fields in the employment module
Troubleshoot_2: The relationships in the employment module

Hi Nathan,

I am facing the same issue (, and still looking for someone who can respond on this.

However I have checked in the database and found something interesting. Like in my case I have Account and Subscription modules) I am importing the data in Subcription module which is linked with Accounts.
So when I Import the Subcription data via CSV file into Suite, it is coming under “Subscription_custom” table having a field Account_id_c, however when we manually go the Accounts subpanel under subscription page, the data insert into “sb_subscription_accounts_1_c” which is linked table.

I am working on it and waiting if anyone can help. And will share if I find something useful, and same do let me know if you get something.

Many thanks!