Custom Module Relationship Field not updating

Hey all! This is my first foray into SuiteCRM. Currently trying to evaluate if this platform will work for us, seems like it will! Running into an issue, hoping I can explain it properly.

I made a custom module for a product we manufacture. It’s a relatively large product (a medical kiosk, module is named GO Kart), and I want to be able to track statistics, etc about each individual unit. The module relates to the accounts module as “Many to one” The accounts name is customized to “Hospital”

My understanding is that by creating this relationship, a new database table is added which tracks it. This allows me to add an account field within “Layout” in Studio or Module Builder.

This is what I want the behavior to be:

  • When I go into the individual entry under GO Kart, I can see which hospital it relates to.
  • Under list view for GO Karts, it should display the hospital
  • Ability to view/addnew GO Karts in the GO Kart dashlet under hospital
  • Ability to add new GO Karts in the GO Kart module (Create new)

I would love some help figuring out why:

  • When creating a new entry for the GO Kart, it does not save any information under the “Hospital” field

I hope that explains it well enough, please let me know if you need further information

It must have been something with the database. I exported my module, blew everything away, and made the relationship properly the first time (from the Accounts module) Might have been some database tables that got mixed up. Once I re-import the data, we’ll see what happens.