Custom Module Related field changes need re-deployment?

I have a few questions i need help.

  1. Can someone tell me proper steps of custom modules implementation ?. like i currently create module first, add fields, add relationships, make layout and deploy? that’s what i am doing right now.

Like i know how to create a module and deploy but the problems i am facing is when i need to add further changes to that custom module, i can’t do it for related fields, it doesn’t work or holds data, i disable the custom module, uninstall, delete the module, then i have to redeploy it in order to add related module fields into it.
Is this the proper way?

  1. How do sub panels automatically display under a custom module? like when do sub panel display on what relationship?

  2. Why are records have to be linked separately in sub-panels? why doesn’t it automatically link from the record data where we linked?

We do the same as you, except in a sugarCRM post it advised that no relationships are made in module builder and are made in Studio once deployed
(Can’t remember why this was advised but we have put this into practice)

When we update the module in module builder we simply deploy again, this overwrites the previously deployed custom module with the changes (hope we are doing it right now)

You are right with this the custom relates fields etc we do have to rejig the layouts again

Last thing, if you are not already, once deployed, quick repair & rebuild - repair relationships - repair roles

  1. This is a many to many relationship, once made you will see the sub panel

  2. This I would need more info of what you mean :slight_smile:

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