custom module Recently Viewed not working in side bar

I have created custom module the Recently Viewed site bar is not showing the recent view name any suggestion.

Click on the edit (pencil) button. Please ensure that the name filed is filled in. If you don’t have a name filed in the layout or you don’t wish to fill in the name field. You will need to give the name field a default value in studio.

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Thanks for your reply. i understand but i need to display my custom field there any suggestion Please.

You could create workflow to copy the value of your custom field to the name of the module.

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I have add the following below function to all custom module CLASS now its working fine and i have mentioned how i have done, its helpful for others.

function get_summary_text()
	return "$this->name";

In the above function we can add the custom field name like β€œ$this->your custom field name here” it will return the value to recently viewed table.

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Which files did you add this to, please?