Custom module or add fields to an existing module


Are there any advantages to adding fields to say Contacts Module, over creating a custom module?

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Depends what you are trying to get out of it?

What were you thinking of trying to achieve? :slight_smile:

Hi Cameron

I have lots of readers of a magazine I want to store in SuiteCRM, the readers have 30+ fields of various demographics so I thought of creating a custom module. I could then have other custom modules for other sets of data (other magazines) I upload. Another requirement is to enable the reader ro edit their own data, I can acheive this by creating user accounts for each reader and locking them down to that one record. I’ve not tried this approach with the Contacts module, however I’m aware there is a Customer Portal that works with the Contacts module, but it’s quite pricey. Then there’s Joomla, which also might be able to help me setup something to let Contacts log in and edit their data, I’ve yet to research this.

I just wondered what build in functionality I might lose by going down the custom module route.

If I used the Contacts module I think I would need to have an Account for each magazine, and store the readers under the respective account.

Hope this makes sense



The only big advantage you might get on using the existing Contact Module is the all the relationships are already build and established. The work you need to input is reduced.

Also, if you don’t use it its just wasted kept there so why not use it. At least, that is all i can think of.

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I agree with Darky and suggest using the pre-existing modules. You would need to add lots of new field most likely to get what you are wanting and then build a relationship with that but your workload would be greatly reduced as the foundations are already there with contacts etc
You would maybe just need to send some time in the admin panel customising the CRM to you and also some time in studio adding new field etc

Yes sounds the way to go thanks. Do you think the idea of having an Account record to represent a product Magazine is fine? I think the SuiteCRM intention is that an account record would be a company, and contacts is for contacts at that company. My data is not structured that way, so I cant use the Accounts module for conpanies.

its definitely possible yes. and you could have each of the version of the mail magazine in the documents subpanel.

Best thing would be to look around the CRM finding module structure that you like and once you have the one you like you can hide the redundant ones and rename others to better suit you before customising through studio. all this can be done in Admin > Developer Tools

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Hello LukeWard,

I would suggest create a custom module called Magazine create the fields in beneath it. and also have relationship (one to many) i.e. One Magazine have many contacts, that way you will come to know the subscriber per magazine.

Thank you for the response.

The demographic fields of data are for each contact. Do you mean create a custom module for the demographic fields and have a one to one relationship to the contacts? ie each contact has one set of demographics in the custom module as oppose to adding the demographic fields to the contacts module?