Custom Module not showing in workflow condition Modify Record

Hello Experts
I have created one custom module but that module doesn’t appears in Workflow Modify record condition. I want that how can i do that ?

It’s better if you give names to things:

So you have a custom module called C

And you go and create a Workflow for another module, let’s call it M, and you want to add an action (not a condition) to Modify record in C. Is that it?

The answer would be - check that C is properly related to M.
Try an Admin / Repairs / Rebuild Relationships.

Yes i have one custom module “Vendor” and i create one Workflow for Tasks module and i when i add action “Modify record” then i don’t find my module there. i.e Vendors

The answer would be - check that Vendors is properly related to Tasks.
Try an Admin / Repairs / Rebuild Relationships.

I had done Repair and Rebuild Relationships .I have to make the relationship manually right ?
See this please

I meant you have to check the way the modules are related in Studio

I am not talking about creating a relationship in the Workflow.

Thank you sir that part has been done but now problem is that my workflow is not working i am trying not modify the field in vendors module but its not modifying. Any idea?
Please have a look this video:

I want if i assign any task to any vendor then its status should show Busy.

I want this type of values for vendors also
as shown in image for users like Assinged:Users Etc.

Hello sir Please help in this scenario why my modules not showing these types of relationships as Users shows ?

I can’t really go deeply into this issue right now, but I just wanted to leave a note that this is likely a limitation of Workflows, maybe they can’t give access to related records from custom fields.

It would be nice to add this feature in the future, but I don’t think it’s likely somebody will actually take up that task, it will be complex to achieve.

Working from logic hooks in PHP makes it easier to circumvent these limitations. But it does require fluency in PHP…

Ok thank you for reply sir . i also think that this is not possible for now.