Custom Module Not Linked to Leads Module Correctly?

The company that I have installed SuiteCRM for, utilizes mystery shopping on leads, with permission and uses the mystery shops to work on pitching the company and sales. I have created a module using module builder that allows the creation of a mystery shop request for a lead. The Mystery shop fields includes a Related field to Leads. The Mystery shop itself has a Relationship of Many to One with Leads being the Related Module, and the “default” subpanel from mystery shop displayed on Leads. This works as intended EXCEPT in 2 ways. 1) If I create a Mystery Shop directly, and select the Lead in the Mystery shop form, the mystery shop will NOT show in the Lead/Mystery Shop subpanel… the only way it does is if you create the mystery shop directly from the Lead by using the subpanel… 2) when you do click Create under the Mystery shop subpanel… the Lead is not pre-filled in. What connection am I missing?

@xtort14 Welcome to the community!

It sound like you haven’t added the right field to the view. Did you added a relate field to lead under The Mystery module by any chance?



Yep, the very first field on the mystery shop form is a “Related” field set for the Leads module

Figured this out by accident. A Repair/Rebuild fixed it. Apparently Module builder failed to create some tables. Concerns me a bit that the software seems buggy. I should not have to repair/rebuild when I just created something.