Custom Module Help Needed

I created a custom module and I want records created within the module to automatically show up under the account (on a sub panel). I created the module, and set up a one-to-many relationship from the ACCOUNTS area. The sub panel appears under the accounts area for the module, but if I create a record from the module itself, it does not create the linking record so it will show up on the sub panel. I am sure I am missing one additional setup step, but I am not sure what it is.

Also, I created a RELATE field for the account within the custom module, and when I add a new record from within the sub panel (under the account), the account field does not populate the account ID (in the module) like I would expect it to.

All help appreciated!


I figured this out.

It was not necessary to create the RELATE field for the related module, this happens automatically when the relationship is forged. In addition, it helps to have the automatcially created related field on the edit view form (rather than the aformementioned field). This also takes care of issue #2.