Custom login screen

Hi All,

I would like to customise, or at lease add to the last page of the user login process to help make it more company friendly. This page shows links to the SuiteCRM site, the Documentation around the Product and the Forums.

I would just like to add some company information to this, such as the Administrator and their contact details and othe information that I need to draw the user attention to. The attached image is the screen that I’d like to add to.

Can you enlighten me as to how to do this?


To find “where something is in the code”, I just search the code for a specific string that looks unique enough like “Product Guides”

This tells me the string I’m looking for is LBL_WIZARD_FINISH15

Then I search again for that string:


Also, have a look at the file that includes that one:

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Thank you PGR. It was the location of the code that I was unsure of. Thanks for the direction.