Custom ListView fields in Mobile mode

Guys, do you know how to change the default column “name” that is being shown in listview table to a different custom column? or add some fields?

im using v7.10.10.

Thanks guys.

What do you call “mobile mode”? Is that just the normal SuiteCRM when seen in a low screen resolution, or are you using a native mobile app?

Views can be configured in Admin / Studio / Module name / Layouts.

Oh. Sorry for not considering those. Just the resolution using web browsers.

Well, the views are the same for PC and mobile, they just readjust to the screen size. You can try it if you un-maximize your browser window and just resize the window, dragging a corner until it becomes more or less the size of a smart-phone screen.

So you should be able to change that in the same place in Studio.

Yes, but when I toggle the device toolbar, only the NAME field is present, the others are not.

I’m sorry, can you please add a screenshot? I am not sure I am understanding what you’re referring to.

If you have trouble uploading it here in the forums, try putting it up on