Custom Form, Table


Im using Suit CRM on my local server
Im new on this system, started day ago or so and i would like to ask few questions

My mission is simple,

  1. Create custom form to enter customers information
  2. See the information in table
  3. assign roles (manager, customer service, agent , ect) and allow them to read write or edit the table

the 3rd part im familiar with about creating roles and everything, but i have tried to look up some tutorials and failed to find place where i can create custom form , so far only this two tasks interest me, of creating custom form where my agents will fill out the required information and submit it, which will be indicated in the table and managers and customer services will be able to edit that table (change information, add ect).

so far im not looking for anything additional such as like reports, leads or any tasks that begin and have deadline ect. I just need custom form and editable table which can be connected to each other.

So i have few questions regarding this matter.
Does suit crm allow that at first place? (table and custom form with over 10 fields)
If it does, please can i get information about in which section to begin with. It will be helpful, a lot.


Yes, You can create a custom view the way you want with using a smarty template or plain HTML that is up to your needs.
I would recommend read the developer guide
As you need to have a custom action You may directly jump to this topic

If your form is meant to be used by people who do not login, you’re looking for a Web-to-person form.

If it’s for SuiteCRM logged in users, you want to learn about Studio where any module can be fitted with your preferred fields.

It is ment for people with assigned roles
for example
Agent will be able to fill in the form to enter customer details, and to search in table if the customer already exists and is assigned to specific agent.
Manager will be able to view table and edit it if necessary.

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