Custom folder ignored after upgrade to 7.13

Hi, I have a problem with some custom files that were moved to the custom folder before the upgrade.

It seems they are ignored.

I also checked the permissions by trying to change owner-group and file and folder permissions, but no useful results. Some idea?

Exactly which files? There are different “aspects” to the custom folder: different parts of the folder get different treatment.

I assume you’ve done a quick repair and rebuild?

I also tried to rollback the upgrade, realizing that the custom folder didn’t work before the upgrade. This is a customized version of the Lead.php class that doesn’t run in the custom/modules/Leads.

The quick repair didn’t help me.

I tried to repeat the operation even on a clean install of suitecrm7 and the class doesn’t even run. I believe there is a problem with the way SuiteCRM works in the custom folder and with the classes it contains.

I can try helping but you’ll have to give me the specifics: exact file names, exact paths, exact class names etc. As I said, there are a handful of extension and customization mechanisms, we’d have to see which one it is, and which detail is tripping it.

Hi @ViralAgency I just came across your Github issue here

Since i feel that is better suited to the forums, since it’s not confirmed to be about a SuiteCRM bug, I will close the issue there and give you an answer here.

I believe you’re not using the correct extension mechanism - there are a few, and sometimes it gets confusing, or is poorly documented. For bean class files you should be trying something similar to this:

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Yeah, it is my bug report, already closed by me, because I found a solution. However, I take advantage of your experience to ask you another thing: i need to make a field required if another field is empty, and I’m doing it with “operators”, as described here, using the following code, but the field empty does not “trigger” the required correctly. Can you tell me how to detect if a field is empty?

$dictionary['Account']['fields']['fiscal_code_c'] = array(
    'name' => 'fiscal_code_c',
    'vname' => 'LBL_FISCAL_CODE',
    'type' => 'varchar',
    'len' => 16,
    'default' => ' ',
    'comment' => 'Codice Fiscale',
    'merge_filter' => 'enabled',
    'logic' => [
        'required' => [
            'key' => 'required',
            'modes' => ['edit', 'create'],
            'params' => [
                'fieldDependencies' => [
                'activeOnFields' => [
                    'vat_number_c' => [
                        ['operator' => 'is-empty']

Sorry, but I have approximately zero experience with customizing Suite 8… I never did any of those field-logic customizations…