Custom Fields in Contact Module aren't searchable with global search

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I’ve created some custom fields in Contacts Module and when i search (global search) any text included in those fields, no results are being found.

Some of those fields are dropdowns and some text fields. Any idea?

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By chance, what version of SuiteCRM are you on?

I’ve tried it on SuiteCRM 7.11.15 and it seems to allow me to global search on custom fields, if the search term is an exact match

Are you able to see returned results if you enter an exact match?
Or do you get no results returned regardless?

did you setup the cron.php? One of the search engines depends on it afaik.

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I’m on Version 7.11.13. I insert exact match keywords and i get no results at all.

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Can you please elaborate? I didn’t make any changes to cron.php

There is a job in the scheduler creating the search indices. It’s just able to work if you execute your cron.php file regularly, but I can’t remember if it’s needed for basic or advanced searching (I assume it’s the advanced search).

I’ve checked the scheduler, seems that the jobs referring somehow to search are completed with no errors.
I think that only fields that change to this blue color are really indexed. Not the other ones (including custom fields “Complete Academic Title” & “Specialty”. See below:

Tbh I believe the blue color should just indicate that the field is clickable (in your screenshot from left to right: open the record, send a mail to the shown address, click2call).