Custom fields don't work


I’ve created several custom fields in the Accounts module with Studio, but they don’t show up in the Fields list after deployment. What can be the problem?

What Fields list? Are you talking about the accounts list view? The search fields list? What list?

I’m talking about the fields available within the Accounts module, please take a look at the screenshot.
I experimented further, and now I see that I’m still able to add simple fields (of Text or URL types; like Twitter URL, you can see it in the screenshot), but I’m unable to set up complex fields with predefined values of the types DropDown or MultiSelect.

Once you add the fields, do you also add them to the Layouts? Edit/Detail view should have those fields to show in the module.

No, I don’t see these fields in the Layouts. So I can’t manage them in Layouts.

What happens when you add a dropdown field? Can you send us the print? Did you take a look at system log?

Check permissions for following path and see if these folders exists in same pattern