Custom Field - mySQL Database Mapping


I am new to SuiteCRM and may have my understanding of the architecture completely wrong.

Basically, i have SuiteCRM loaded on a mySQL database. In my aos_products table i have added a field directly through the Database called ‘last_modified’. This is in reference to when a product was last modified and not when the field was last updated.
I am having trouble trying to get this field to display on the Products layout. I have edited the view but my field does not appear anywhere.

After a bit of digging, it seems that i perhaps needed to create a custom field through the SuiteCRM Studio instead of through the database directly.

Is there anyway to display my field that i created through mySQL rather than through the SuiteCRM studio? I have an integration in place that populates my field directly.

When i create the custom field in SuiteCRM it is under the Fields_Meta_Data table instead of the AOS_Products. Is there at least way to move it to the AOS_Products table?

I’m new to SuiteCRM and am by no means an expert in this area.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated,



You need to add a field definition to the vardefs.php file for the module. This is where fields are defined for each module. So for aos_products it is modules/AOS_Products/vardefs.php. However for this to be upgrade safe you want to add a file with the field definition to custom/Extension/modules/AOS_Products/Ext/Vardefs. Then do a quick repair and rebuild from the admin panel. This will add the field directly to the aos_products table.