Custom field in Quote supposed to be copied in conversion to Contract (but lost)

Dear Experts,

I am using SuiteCRM version 7.8.2 together with the German translation from diligent.

By Studio I added a custom field date_event_c (type Date) to Module Quotes.
The same (with regards to name, type, properties) field was added to module Contracts.
Afterwards, I added the new fields to the views of both modules.

My expectation was that during using the “convert quote to contract” function, the value of field date_event_c would be automatically carried over to the newly created contract record.

Alas, that didn’t happen. The content of all standard quote fields were carried over to the newly created contract, but not the custom field content.

Can anyone more knowledgeable advise whether the aforementioned approach is the correct one? Or did I overlook some steps?

Any advice would be appreciated!


I think you also need to change the file “createContract.php” in the Quotes module and upload it here: ‘custom/modules/AOS_Quotes’.
Add your new field exactly like you see in the file ie
$contract->shipping_amount = $quote->shipping_amount;
$contract->shipping_tax = $quote->shipping_tax;

Remember to Quick Repair &Rebuild