Custom field in Custom module

I’m trying to create a custom module (Accounts based)
I want to use a custom field I’ve created for Accounts (VAT number)
I’m not able to find that field in any way.
What can I do?


when you create a new module… from any template (in your case on Account)…
After you can create here or after deploy any type of field
And here or after deploy, you can create relationship

But you must put all your field in Layout (Edit, View, List, Dashlet, QuickCreate, Search, Advanced Search)


Thanks for your reply, but what happens to is that:
I’ve added a cutom field to Accounts module
Now I’m trying to create a module to search quickly in that custom field, but when I’m building that module I’m not able to find any reference to that custom field.
It doesn’t seem to depend on relationships or putting the fields into the layouts