custom field conditions are not working in workflow in case of schedular triggering the AOW workflow

Problem statement:

i have a workflow rule that having certain single condition and this condition is based on a field which is newly created(not comes with by default module package) when i creating/modifying a record manually this condition works perfectly but when i run a scheduler it not picks that condition

but for same scenario where i running a scheduler, condition perfectly work with field which are comes by default when creating a new module

outcomes: what i see is when i run schedular ,workflow dosnt pics condition if conditional fields are newly created by user

Hi Arpit,

Which version of SuiteCRM are you running? I am sure this AOW bug was addressed, but I may be mistaken.



I am using suitecrm 7.1 version and if this bug us was already addressed so where can i get the resolution for this… please let me know

Which version of 7.1? You can check by going to the about page in the CRM or in the config.



Hi Will,

I have applied the bug patch and it will working perfectly