(Custom Deployed) Module does not exist

I created a new package with 2 basic modules inside. I added no additional fields and did not do anything else with it as I wanted to work on it in studio / ide.

My package has a key TTI1 and the modules are called Invoices and Timesheets.
I deployed my package. It is not visible anywhere in the GUI.
The deployment has created 2 tables in the database

TTI1_Invoices and TTI1_Timesheets

It is not listed as a module that is disabled.
It is not listed in studio view.
I have done a quick repair and still not visible anywhere.

If I go fishing for the module with the url bar


I get this error

Error: Module TTI1_Invoices does not exist.

In the modules folder the directorys

TTI1_Invoices and TTI1_Timesheets both exist

It seems I have followed the instructions and yet this basic step does not work for me.

Any help appreciated.

Please let us know your versions of SuiteCRM, PFP and SQL

Version 7.11.22
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
PHP 7.4

I note that if you wait for the deploy to stop spinning it does get there in the end. I was being impatient I think and clicking away from the page before it stopped spinning as I had closed the popup so assumed it was done.