Custom Connector not showing under User->External Accounts

My Custom Connector’s settings are showing in Admin > Connectors > Enable Connectors and Admin > Connectors > Set Connector Properties. But it is not showing in the User > Edit > External Accounts > Create Applications list. The application list here is completely empty - it is also not showing the Linked In, Facebook or Twitter connectors.

How can I add my custom connector to the User External Account list so I can connect a login to my connector?

As far as I’m aware you need to build the functionality for the External accounts, it doesn’t just give you the ability to integrate with your connector by default.



Thanks Will.

Any guidance anywhere on how I do that? Or on what exactly an eapmBean is and how I use it?


I’ve been able to link get my connector to show up in the User’s External Accounts list and add the relevant info here.

Now… How do I get the current user’s EAPM info for this connector?

Hi Elizabeth,

Did you resolve the issue of NOT seeing your custom connectors within the External Accounts?

I’m trying to create my custom connectors as a data source for my custom modules.

Any help is appreciated,

Have you figured it out? Please share.