"Current notifications" green balloon


There’s a feature of SuiteCRM I don’t know how to use:

That green ballon up there on the menu bar. When I click on it, I just see a label saying “No current notifications”. I have never seen anything appear there, even though I’ve been developing with SuiteCRM for months now, creating new records, assigning them from one user to another, etc.

I wonder if something is broken in my system, causing the notifications to malfunction, but since I don’t know exactly which actions should cause a notification to be generated, I’m not sure.

Can anybody tell me how this works, and what specific action I could try that would make something appear up there?


You have to click in your name, top right corner, and then edit, then Advanced and lastly click on Enable Desktop Notification, here your browser will ask your permission to notify from this URL, you can check it later with Calls or Meetings with reminders activated.

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Thanks, I didn’t know about that option and I successfully authorized the desktop notifications.

However, still nothing happens, because I never see any notification at all even inside the site.

For example, I create a meeting in my own calendar, one hour from now, with a popup reminder 30 minutes before the meeting. Time goes by and nothing notifies me of anything…

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

At least are you getting the popup notification or the email notification?

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No, I’m not getting anything… no popup, no email, nothing on the “green balloon”, nothing as a desktop notification…

Checking my logs, I see Scheduler activity, and things mentioning reminders, but nothing that looks like an error…

check your timezone, check your email configuration, check you schedulers if they’re working (running with cron), etc. you should at least get the default notification of former SugarCRM that was email/popup

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Ok, I finally received an email notification, one hour late, and that got me thinking. My email settings are ok; my schedulers are running (they are quite vocal in my logs) and my timezone is set correctly in two different php.ini files (for suitecrm and cli).

I went Googling and found this issue:

So maybe I’m hitting a known bug.

Anyway, now that I know this I was able to test with appropriate times and I finally saw something in the infamous “green balloon”… turning it into a “red balloon” with a “1” in it! I also got a desktop notification.

This isn’t critical for me now, so I’ll just wait for the next version and keep an eye on this issue. At least now I know what to expect. Thanks for all your help!