Currency fields bug during convertion


Found a bug and I dont know how to fix it :

During a lead convertion, every currency fields are bugging. Here is an example :

(IN LEAD) Annual Result : 20,00

After convertion…

(IN ACCOUNT) Annual Result : 20.000.000,00

Every currency fields are glitching like this, 5.200 became,00

The two fields have of course, the same ID.

I’ve got only one currency :

Devise : Euro
Code devise ISO 4217 : EUR
Symbole de la devise : €
Taux de conversion : 1,0000000000 (idk whats this ? Cant put it to 0, maybe this is the issue…)

Your SuiteCRM version, please?

Are those custom fields on both sides?

Latest 7.11.1

The custom fields are on both side, with the same ID

EDIT : Found from where the issue is.

The 1000s separators is setup on “.” and decimal on “,”

Its the 1000s separators that cause the issue. If I delete the 1000s separators everything works great. So its caused by the “.”