Crystal report ignoring ODBC server

Hello Friends, I am new to this site can you guy’s help me on this issue please

I’m trying to configure Crystal report to read the connection data from an ODBC, so it can read the required database given the system where it’s installed.

However, the .rpt always connects to the server where it was created, ignoring the ODBC configuration (or, at least, the server name).

i’ve tried updating the connection and changing the ODBC, but still asks for the first server were it was connected.

is there any way to check if the connection is embed or to make the report read the whole connection from the ODBC?

i went through this links but can’t able to find | [Crystal Report]

This happens with most of the reports i’m working on (about 100). I’m using Sap CR 13, and the reports were migrated from CR 8