CRON Jobs not running / CURL extension Issue

CRON jobs fail to start and I’m certain it has to do with PHP errors on the log file:
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘curl’ (tried: A:/xampp/php/ext/curl (The specified module could not be found)

My Setup is:
SuiteCRM 7.13.2 running on a 16GB RamDrive (Drive letter A:)
XAMMP 3.30
PHP 8.0.28
PHP ext directory is: A:\xampp\php\ext
added both a:\xampp\PHP and a:\xampp\php\ext to the Windows system Path variable

PHP File:
extension_dir = “A:/xampp/php/ext/”

Tried setting: extension_dir = “/xampp/php/ext/” but still getting extension not found errors
Tried setting: extension_dir = “./xampp/php/ext/” now getting not found errors on all extensions and a slew of errors relating to mysqlimanager

If someone is using XAMPP with CRON jobs working, I’d really like some direction on this. Thanks

Check if you’re editing the correct php.ini

The cron jobs will run from the command-line (CLI) so it’s a different php.ini than the one used by the web server (SuiteCRM UI).

Use php -i from the command-line to determine the correct php.ini and to check if the curl module is loaded correctly there