Creation of Report to filter out Accounts without any Contacts Assigned

Hi, I just did a mass import of Contacts into SuiteCRM. However, I just realised that there are many duplicate Accounts with Similar Names but do not have any contacts Assigned.

For example, there could be Company ABC and Company ABC Pte Ltd.

How do I set the report to filter our Accounts without any Contacts Assigned? I tried the following settings but the results are not correct.

Can anyone help?

this type of report worked for me, check it out:

best regards


That does not work for me. I get the same results as my screesnshot posted in the 1st threads. The results still show Accounts with Contacts assigned to Accounts. Any idea what other filters I can try?

the way I described is the way it works, if it doesn’t work for you then is something with your AlineaSol Reports Module, you won’t get support for that here, try to upgrade your version, check the release notes of them, maybe is fixed in a recent release.

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