Creating Table or Timesheet for Target-list

Hello guys :slight_smile:

I am working on creating a system for a native sport’s school. I use “Target-list” for different kind of sports group’s. I use “Leads” to create student’s profiles and then transfer those leads to a certain group (“Target-list”) . Now, I need to create a table for every student’s attendance marking somehow. It should contain the “Lead” from a certain “Target-list” , Date and an empty field or a check box where I can mark if the student arrived or not.

Could you please give me any ideas for doing that?

I tried to create a new module, but couldn’t figure out how to make a sheet or a table for a target list. Sorry, I am not good at programming and stuff, so just help a girl out in some way :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome.

Let me suggest a different approach, using the modules like this:

  • Leads are prospective students that haven’t enrolled yet, they’re just candidates.
  • Contacts are students. You can easily convert a Lead into a Contact when they enroll.
  • Accounts are your main way to group students (instead of using Target lists for this). So in a school, each Account would represent a class.
  • Use the Events module for keeping track of a couple of checkboxes for each student. These are currently “invited” and “accepted”, but for you this can mean something else (like “arrived”).