Creating sales streams or views

This is a configuration/usage question, hope that is suitable for this forum.

Among other things. we do business transformation for other companies when they are transforming their business, either to new industries or areas. As such we need a way to monitor and report on business development for multiple companies who are our customers.

So I am looking for a way where the sales person can log an opportunity against a specific stream or company. I was looking at Campaign, and that seems like an approach. I was also considering Opportunity Type, but can’t see any simple way of adding an additional type (Currently “Existing Business” and “New Business”).

Key is that however we do it, it should be easy to report on it and monitor it.

Anyone tried something similar?
And if it was by updating Opportunity Type, where did you change it?

Hi, welcome to the Community! :tada:

You can go in Admin / Dropdown Editor and change opportunity_type_dom entry.