Creating new field in Accounts module


Is it possible to add a new field (drop down menu) in the accounts module and how?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Yes, you can use the Studio located in Admin(hover over name at top right, select admin and scroll down where Studio will be listed on the left pane).

Select Accounts from the list in Studio and click on Fields. You can then add your desired fields in here.

Once you have added fields, you need to go back to the studio account area and click on layouts. You need to create new panels and add in your field to the edit/detail/list views for the field to be visible/editable.



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Hi Will,

Thanks for the quick response. Should I be looking at the same page if I wanted to change the drop down list menu of ‘Document Type’ under Documents module?


Hi there,

To edit dropdowns, you need to use the Drop Down Editor within Studio. There are buttons in the footer of Studio, one of which is the Drop Down Editor where all drop downs for SuiteCRM are located.



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Hello All,

I have tried to do as you said, but I can see the new fields under search menu, list, but not when I create a new form… In my case I am trying to add new fields do the Case form…

suiteCRM 7.1 version… could you help me out ?

Can you be more specific on what you are wishing to achieve?

Are you trying to create a new field in the Cases module?

By “Case form” do you mean Case edit layout?

If that is the case you should proceed as follows:

  1. go to Admin->Dropdown Editor and create a new dropdown list with the items you need. (alternatively you could edit the dropdown already used in the image you posted. There are many dropdowns that have already been defined. The one show in your image is called " document_template_type_dom"). Once done save.

  2. Once finished with the dropdown editor go to Admin->Studio->Cases->Fields->Add Field and add a new field of data type DropDown.

  3. In the Drop Down List select the dropdown you need

Click on the Save button

  1. Once the field has been added you have to add it to your layouts so click on the left side under Cases->Layouts->EditView (or any other module you wish to add fields to)

  2. Add the field in the Layout as needed (you may have to create a new row first by dragging it and dropping it from the left side)

  3. Once done click on the Save and Deploy button (If you just click Save you will still not see it)

  4. If needed modify also the other layouts (DetailView, ListView, …, Search->Advanced Search, Search->Basic Search, etc…). Remember to Save and Deploy

Please let me know if this was what you were trying to achieve and if it worked.

Hi amariussi,

Well, first of all, thank you very much for your time.

I have followed your steps, and sorry for not being specific, sorry about that.

What I exactly want to achieve is to add a new field called (Elite Number) as integer to the Case form, so when users are opening a new Case, they will then insert this a number for the case.

What I’ve done so far, was to create this new field, but only for the quick creat form, it does not appear

my steps

1 - create a new field as integer
2 - name the field, tag the Required Field and in the Importable option as yes
3 - I opened Layouts > QuickCreate
4 - Add a new row
5 - Add the new field
6 - Clicked on the + sign in front of the filed, to make it as the others
7 - Save button

for the other forms, edit/view, detail/view, list/view and search, the new field appear, but for the Quick Create form, it doesn’t

have you been able to do this ?