Creating Message Popup


We are wanting a Message to pop up on a users screen if the account they are accessing is Overdue.

I have created a custom field called “OverDue” This is a dropdown field and has the values ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If the box is selected as ‘Yes’ i want there to be a popup message to say that the account is overdue so the office staff direct them to Sales rather than generate another order.

I have seen someone use a After_Retrieve Logic hook for this however it doesn’t seem to work on mine.


Note that logic hooks run in the back-end, not on the front-end (UI), so they’re not a good place to attempt a message box.

You can either inject some javascript into the view to do that or, to use something easier, just mark some field as red on the detail view, this should be visible enough.

You can do that from the process_record logic hook for List views:

And by overriding the display class for Detail views: (that example changes the field string, but you can also put in HTML tags and it should get displayed)