Creating Invoice via API v8 versus v4.1


in the past I used the API 4.1 to used this flow to generate invoices that matched invoices that were built by the UI

I created

  • AOS_Invoices
  • AOS_Line_Item_Groups
  • AOS_Products_Quotes

and I got the invoice setup like I needed.

With the API v8 I miss

  • AOS_Line_Item_Groups
    Which means, I get the invoice created, but the rest is missing.

I can not generate the AOS_Line_Item_Groups via the API because the module seems not to exist.

This post describes something similar, but it related to quotes:


Can someone please point me into the right direction?

Update: - But Still not solved -

I made a call against
like outlined to list all the modules here

The result was/is:

AOS_Products_Quotes is not listed here.

I made a call to see what happens against:

and I was able to create an entry like described here:

Looks like I missed something why:
doesnt return all options …