creating a chat box type of window

Hi Folks,

I have been trying to create a chat box type of window after the user logs in. I have looked at after_ui_footer / after_ui_frame/after_user_login hooks but haven’t been able to create chat box type of window.

With after_ui_frame/after_ui_footer it has been advised not to include visual elements to it. Even when I include my html file to be invoked as a chat type pop up , they get invoked before the user logs in which is logical because the footer is loaded on logon screen which I don’t want

I only want the chat pop up to appear after user logs in and the window should stay on the bottom right corner until the user logs out. I have tried to use after_users_login logic hook but this brings up a full-fledged window once the user logs in.

Can someone please give me some pointers on the best way to implement this? It would be appreciated if there are some sample codes or anything on Github that has already been implemented.

Thanks ,

This wouldn’t likely be appropriate in a hook, those are mostly unrelated to screen content, they handle events and data.

You might want to customize a view, but if you want it in every screen… I don’t know.

Would it be acceptable to have it only on the Homepage, in a “Web” Dashlet? This would be very easy to get working.

I am trying to integrate a telephony API integration POC which means that the user needs to have that window available at all times so that users can make calls from any page and receive a call whilst working on any module of the CRM. I hope that makes sense.

I am open to ideas.

Please let me know if you can guide me in the right direction.


This should be possible, because SuiteCRM is 100% open source so everything is possible :slight_smile:

There is documentation about customizing specific views, but I’ve never seen trying to inject code in every view. You’ll have to keep looking into the code and see where the headers and footers are being generated.

Have you trid stepping through the code with a debugger? This should let you quickly find out where things are done. You would need to setup XDEBUG in PHP.

@ Pgr, thanks for your response.

I love SuiteCRM due to the fact that it is open source. I am not a professional developer but I am willing to give Xdebug a go and see what I can come up with.