Created-by access


After I created a record and assigned it to a user of another group, is it possible to let the creator (me) to still view the record? In a workflow scenario, after a user submits for approval, the workflow changes the assigned-to, but the problem is the user (creator) is unable to view the record. Is there a way to make it work?



By default the Creator’s Security Group would have passed to the record, so further reassigning it to other user should keep the previous security group. Please make sure the you have the Group access to the “List” action

Thanks. It works. Originally, I assign a sales rep to a sales team and set the member role to this sales team. Now, I created another group role (for invoice with list and view) and assign the sales rep to this role along with member role , seems it works now. Not so sure whether my setup is correct. thanks for your reply.