Create tasks from email


I’m looking to impliment a basic task flow system, and was wondering if someone could confirm if a) what I want to do is possible in Suit CRM or whether I’m better off with a different system, and b) point me in the right direction for setting it up…

We have a group email box for IT support, and I want to setup a CRM to

  1. Automatically create a task (simply containing a copy of the content of the mail), when an email is recieved into the group box.
  2. Automatically reply to the email, giving the sender a ticket reference number

I then want any user to be able to assign a task to themselves (though any user should still have the ability to see any case, even if it is assigned to a particular person), and have the capability to:

  1. leave notes & updates against the case
  2. reply to the customer & have any communication logged against the case
  3. recieve a notification when the customer has responded

Thanks in advance,