Create private and shared areas


I want to create a private area (private contacts) that can be accessed only by a certain number of people and create a shared area (shared contacts) for all other users.
How can I do this? By creating groups in suitecrm?
I have configured the software with LDAP, would creating groups with openldap be more appropriate for what I want to achieve?

Thanks for your help.

Hey there,

Have you found a solution for this?

It sounds like Security Groups / Roles would be ideal for this!

Off of the top of my head, two ways to tackle this could be:

  1. Set up 2 Security Groups, (“Private” & “Shared”), each associated to a Role
    This role should have “Group” permissions set for Contacts
    Then, assign the appropriate Security Group to the relevant Contacts
    (via Contacts->Security Groups subpanel)

  1. Create a new Module called “Private Contacts”
    Create two Security Groups, (“Private” and “Shared”)
    Give the “Private” group a Role that has Permission to view the “Private Contacts” module
    Give the “Shared” group a role that has NO permissions to view the module

Those are just rough ideas, but hopefully they should be a place to start!

Here is some documentation on Groups/Roles, should you need it: