Create Person Form

In 7.6.4 I can not drag fields to column to setup Person Form. The first column and second column divs do not contain anything. I can select add all fields to move to next step but I can not add fields individually. It seems like a bug but I am not sure if it is working in the intended way and I just can not figure it out. Here is a screen shot of what I see.

I’m afraid your link did not work for me. Could you try sharing your screenshot somewhere else or use the option to attach a file when you post on the forum so I can get a better idea of what you mean.

Here is a screenshot

I am having the same issue at rebelyes, I am unable to drag individual fields to create the form.

Can you check the HTML source to see if the two other columns are there (although they are not showing)?

I would bet this is just yet another instance of permissions issues breaking your CSS files, so it doesn’t get displayed correctly. Just fix your file ownerships and permissions (there are dozens of posts out there explaining this).

I had this same problem. Your file permissions are likely fine.

I switched the theme to Suite R and it started working/displaying correctly.

Your answer only corroborates the fact that it is probably a permissions problem in the cached CSS files of the original theme.

These problems happen most frequently with files created/modified by the application itself, namely cache files. When you switch the theme you move away from that problem, everything gets populated in a different folder of the cache.

We are seeing this problem on a Windows Server where file permissions and ownership is not relevant. Therefore it is not a file permission issue.