Create Note or Attachment from subpanel

I have modified the Notes module by changing the Note field from TextArea to WYSIWYG.
This works fine when I create a note.
It gives a blank page when I use ‘Create Note or Attachment’ from a subpanel.
But when I first click on ‘Compose an Email’ from the subpanel above and immediately close this pop-up and then click ‘Create Note or Attachment’ it works perfectly fine.
All permissions checked, used Quick Repair and Rebuild. Version 7.3.1 on linux.

If it gives a blank page, turn on error reporting to see what error there is. It is also worth checking the suitecrm.log.

Hi Will,

I’ve turned on error reporting by changing index.php (add at the beginning of the file ‘error_reporting(E_ERROR); ini_set(‘display_errors’, ‘0’);’ but I don’t get any info. No info in suitecrm.log either.
I’ve tried it on another server and on another version but the same behavior. The page remains blank.
When I use Firefox the page seems not to load completely because the wheel in the url field keeps turning.

Hope this helps.

For error reporting, using ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1) works for me,
Not ini_set(‘display_errors’, ‘0’)

Also, it may be worth checking your browser’s console when repeating the process that leads to the blank page, just to check if there are any errors that pop up that may cause it.