Create New Meeting / Call popup bug

Hi there,

I’m running 7.1.4 - When I try to create a new meeting or call using the Calendar popup, I get “Error saving”

Simultaneously, in my server error log, I get

PHP Notice: Undefined index: assigned_user_id in /usr/local/lsws/Secure/crm-system/modules/Calls/CallFormBase.php on line 282

The odd thing is that I did actually assign the call or meeting to a user.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Have you checked your permissions are set correctly for your set-up, instaledl any custom modules or made any customisations?

Yes, permissions are set properly. I have only added lead sources, which are not referenced in the dialog. I added the Jet Mobile Lite module, but I don’t see that having any effect as it adds itself into a subdirectory.

Incidentally, it works fine from the full screen add meeting or log call screens.


had a similar problem. I have reseted the module in Studio and then it worked again.

Changes in the layout of the meeting-Modules can strangely cause errors when accessing or storing.