Create new custom field, through API

I can add a new record, and also can get different records from suitecrm using API, but I am unable to add new custom field in Accounts module,
can anyone please guide me to create a new custom field using SuiteCRM API?

I am using v4_1 version of API.


I think it’s not possible… and it makes sense. API’s are supposed to let you handle data, not change the database’s structure. I can’t see how you would want an external system to change your database structure, it should be quite stable… furthermore, custom fields creation require Quick repair and Rebuilds, and adding to views… it’s really not a job to expose to the API.

On the other hand, the API is extensible, and you can also create custom entry points to let external systems do “whatever”. So you’re free to add this functionality if you really have this peculiar requirement.

Ok Thanks.