Create Installable Package file - will pay reasonable amount

Hi, I’m attempting to create an installable package file (installed via module loader) and would like to know if anyone could point me in the right direction for assistance/examples/instructions?

I have already written and tested the code that is required (files that will be uploaded using the manifest.php file), I need to package it/them so that it can be installed into SuiteCRM and write a couple of code blocks for other functionality, hence my question. I need assistance/examples of how to accomplish the following in/with an installation package:

  • Create a section/link within the Admin interface to a custom module, similar to the OAuth Keys interface
  • Add custom fields to the Accounts and Contacts modules details view
  • Add an action button to both the Accounts and Contacts modules using the custom/modules//metadata/detailviewdefs.php framework. If the detailvewdefs.php file exists, how can I write code into it
  • Add custom entrypoint entries to the /custom/Extension/application/Ext/EntryPointRegistry/ folder
  • Generate an Admin -> Quick Repair/Rebuild

Any assistance with any/all of these functions would be HUGELY appreciated, I am prepared to pay a reasonable (understanding that reasonable is relative) amount for assistance

Thanks for your time and patience

Hey, so I’ve done most of the required stuff and tested, all seems to be fine. I can’t however seem to find any documentation on the administration section of the manifest.php file and no solutions to the fairly common occurrence of already existing custom/metadata/detailviewsdef.php, custom/metadata/listviewdefs.php files.

  1. Do we OVERWRITE the existing files losing all the users customisations or is there some other way of integrating the changes that I am going to make (eg file_exists, Extension framework)?
  2. Any examples of creating a link in the Administration interface to a custom modules list view in the manifest.php file (much like the OAuth Keys link)?

Thanks for any assistance