Create Email Template not working

Suite 7.8.1
I am no longer able to create an email template.
I am trying to create a lead email template.
I am unable to insert fields into the body of the email.
Press Insert but nothing happens.

Existing templates work OK.
I tried duplicating an existing template, changed all the contents to leads and it works fine.
Its just new email templates.

Anyone else have this issue?


If you try in the SuiteCRM demo it works.

Try clearing the browser cache, quick repair and rebuild as well as rebuilding the javascripts.
You may also try resetting permissions.

Done everything I can.
Ran it from several machines.
It must be a problem with my SuiteCRM install but I dont know how to fix it.
I’m getting around it by duplicating existing templates but its a pain in the @#$@#

OK I have looked into it a bit more.
In previous versions, you did not have to insert a headline block to start inserting fields.
In this version (including the demo), you have to insert a headline block.
I was doing what I always did and just inserted but there is no text area to insert the values in to.
It is missing the body block by default.
Secondly, in previous bersions inserting a value put it into both HTML and text areas. Not it only inserts in to the HTML areas.