Create Email Template - blank


I’m trying to create an email template (v7.8.12) but I just get the word CREATE at the top and a blank page. There are some exiting templates and I’ve tried to duplicate one of them but that didn’t produce any results. Can anyone help or suggest anything?

I’m new here and I don’t have much technical knowledge… so go easy :wink:



Are you still having issues with this?

If possible, I would firstly recommend upgrading your instance to the most recent version
There have been a large amount of bugfixes/security upgrades/changes since 7.8.12

Other than that, I would suggest checking the suitecrm.log error log, as well as your php error log
Do you receive any notable errors in these, at the time of failure?

Hi John,

Thanks for your post. It was tracked down to an add-on that we had installed and the developer of that add-on is now sorted it.

I think your suggestion is spot on about upgrading. We’re making some changes to our instance and it will be an ideal opportunity to upgrade.


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