"Create" Documents fails after upgrade to SuiteCRM from Sugar 6.5

I just upgraded from Sugar 6.5 to SuiteCRM 7.9 and now the button to “Create” a Document when in an Account fails. I’ve set file permissions on the server as recommended in other threads.

What is the fix to get the “Create” button to work correctly when adding a Document to an Account?


Do you mean 7.9.0? Or 7.9.14?

Can you please check your logs for any errors at the time that screen renders?

Upgraded to

Version 7.10

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

And issue with adding Documents is resolved.

Of course, this upgrade brought on a myriad of other issues. The developers should actually troubleshoot their code prior to release. After 40 years of coding, my partner and I are frustrated to be dealing with such foolishness…

I’ll open a new topic in a separate thread.

There, I fixed that for you :slight_smile:

We’re a Community here, nobody’s paying for this software. There’s no venture capital, there’s no “freemium” model.

Now, for 7.10 there were 2 or 3 Betas, and 2 Release Candidates. If people only go to the trouble of installing and testing after the final release is out, then surprises happen.

I am not complaining, this is just life. It’s what this code is like, and what this community is like. Still, we’re growing, we’re improving processes. We’re much better today than 6 months ago, though still far from perfect. My only concern is to make sure that in 6 months time we’ll have a lot more test coverage, better diagnostics, etc. Stay positive, and we’ll get there.