Create contraint between two relate fileds

Hi everyone

please help me: How can Create contraint between two relate fileds.
It’s like dynamic dropdown.


Please clarify

You have a filed in one module, and a related field in another.

On the detail view of the first module, you want to show a dropdown with a sub-set of the items in the related module, constrained by some field in the first module.

Is this it?

On the picture:
i have field “price list” contraint with filed “Currency”.
When i select a value of currency, then select field price list, it will show list price list contraint with the currency field’s value

You need to customize the display view.

You need to inject javascript into the view, so you can react to changes in one dropdown and requery the other.

Use the two sentences above to Google for help, and then try a few things. I don’t really know how to do this, so I can’t help you in detail.

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