Create Bulk users through Backend

Is it possible to create list of users with role through back end? Help me thanks in advance.

Hi Vetri

Did you get anywhere with this?

Many thanks


Have any of you tried using phpMyAdmin to access the database directly and create lines in the “users” table?

I never tried it, but it seems feasible.


I’ve managed to do this with some simple SQL. You can also assign the user to a group my inserting into securitygroups_users

insert into users (id, user_name, user_hash, first_name, last_name, show_on_employees, deleted)
select newid(), [User Name], SUBSTRING(sys.fn_sqlvarbasetostr(HASHBYTES(‘MD5’,[Password])),3,32),[First Name], [Surname], 0, 0 from my_users

This is for SQL Server, but it’s very similar for MySQL



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