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Create an Emailtemplate: Include more Options in TinyMce

if i compose an email i can use this topic to become more options in TinyMce:

but if i will create an emailtemplate i don’t have this features. What shoud i do to become features like insert horizontal line?

Greetings, Sascha

I have no idea… but

Maybe from one of these places?


try to see if any of those parts of the code run when you use TinyMCE from the template screen.

Hi, thanks but that was not the answer. Here i have another link:

It discribes the options and files to expand the functions by compose an email.
The file to set this functions is modules/Emails/include/ComposeView/EmailsComposeView.js

I will edit an emailtemplate with all functions. I didn’t found a solution to implement all these functions.
There is no file to set menubar=true or insert new plugins.

Thanks for your help,
Greetings, Sascha

This might be completely unrelated, but it doesn’t hurt if you try changing something here: