Create a Security Group & Security Groups Tab


Is that possible to hide the “Create a Security Group” & “Security Groups” tabs in employee (user) interface?


I never tried it, but I assume that when you change a Role to make “Security Groups Management” unavailable for a certain group of users, it will affect those possibilities. But I don’t know if it hides the options, or shows them but gives some error when you try to access them…

I’m assuming you want to hide it only for some users, not for admins.

You’ll have to play with it and see what you can do…


It doesn’t hide the option although the options cannot be used.

You can move this file to custom dir and customize it to fit your needs:


Looking at that code, it seems all you have to do is move those options inside the “if” so that they are only shown to Admin users.

just in case if i did it wrongly, please show me how to do it correctly, below is the code that i can find,thanks.

global $mod_strings, $app_strings;
global $current_user, $sugar_config, $current_language;

$module_menu = Array();
if ($GLOBALS[‘current_user’]->isAdminForModule(‘Users’)
) {

$module_menu = Array(
    Array("index.php?module=Users&action=EditView&return_module=Users&return_action=DetailView", $mod_strings['LNK_NEW_USER'], "Create"),
    Array("index.php?module=Users&action=EditView&usertype=group&return_module=Users&return_action=DetailView", $mod_strings['LNK_NEW_GROUP_USER'], "Create_Group_User")
$module_menu[] = Array("index.php?module=Users&action=ListView&return_module=Users&return_action=DetailView", $mod_strings['LNK_USER_LIST'], "List");

$module_menu[] = Array("index.php?module=Import&action=Step1&import_module=Users&return_module=Users&return_action=index", $mod_strings['LNK_IMPORT_USERS'], "Import", 'Contacts');


$sg_mod_strings = return_module_language($current_language, ‘SecurityGroups’);
$module_menu[] = Array(“index.php?module=SecurityGroups&action=EditView&return_module=SecurityGroups&return_action=DetailView”, $sg_mod_strings[‘LNK_NEW_RECORD’], “Create_Security_Group”);
$module_menu[] = Array(“index.php?module=SecurityGroups&action=ListView&return_module=SecurityGroups&return_action=ListView”, $sg_mod_strings[‘LBL_LIST_FORM_TITLE’], “Security_Groups”);

if (is_admin($current_user)) {
global $current_language;
$admin_mod_strings = return_module_language($current_language, ‘Administration’);
$module_menu[] = Array(“index.php?module=ACLRoles&action=index&return_module=SecurityGroups&return_action=ListView”, $admin_mod_strings[‘LBL_MANAGE_ROLES_TITLE’], “Role_Management”);
$module_menu[] = Array(“index.php?module=SecurityGroups&action=config&return_module=SecurityGroups&return_action=ListView”, $admin_mod_strings[‘LBL_CONFIG_SECURITYGROUPS_TITLE’], “Security_Suite_Settings”);


When you paste code in these forums, you should use the “code” tags from the toolbar, otherwise some brackets will be missing.

About your code - just try it, don’t ask me… this has absolutely no risk. If it doesn’t work, put it back the way it was… :slight_smile: